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Visa Advisory Documentation

Advisory for Visa Applicants

Indian Visa Services pertaining to acceptance of visa applications and delivery of processed passports have been outsourced to the Indian Visa Application Centers (IVACs), which are operated by the State Bank of India. No visa fee is levied by the Assistant High Commission of India and a sum of Taka 800 is levied by SBI as handling charge.

Assistant High Commission of India does not authorize any other agents for facilitating the acceptance of visa applications and delivery of processed passports.

All  categories of visa applications are accepted on a walk-in basis without prior appointment. Details of timings for acceptance of applications for various categories are available on the IVAC website

Applicants will be allowed to deposit their visa applications on the basis of completed application forms and required documents. There are no agents or middlemen authorized to facilitate deposit of application forms. Any individual can fill in the online application form and deposit the same without the involvement of agents or middlemen.

For further details about submission of forms, please visit the IVAC Website 

For queries and complaints, please send an email to  and Complaints/grievances not resolved by IVAC within 48 hours can be addressed to the Assistant High Commission at ahc.