Instructions Visa & Consular


Instructions for submitting application for permit to visit Restricted and Protected areas

If you already have a valid Indian visa and applying only for the permit:

1. Please submit one passport size photograph along with the application. (Paste the photograph on the application). 

2. Please mention the phone number in the application form. 

3. Please mention the specific place to be visited against point 14 of the application form : Eg. Gangtok and not only Sikkim.

4. If travelling in a group or with family, then all names of the group/family members should be filled up against Point 19 of the application form.

5. Please specify the exact route and mode of travel to be followed, against point 15 of the application form Eg: Dhaka-Changrabandah-Gangtok-By Road or Dhaka-Kolkata-Gangtok -By Air

6. Copy of the passport and valid Indian Visa issued has to be mandatorily attached with the application.

7. Date of arrival and date of departure has tobeclearly specified in the application.

8. (From 4th December 2018 onwards) Please submit your passport along with the application for permit at theIndian Visa Application Centre (IVAC) at Floor – G1, South Court, Jamuna Future Park, Progoti Sharani, Baridhara, Dhaka-1229 between 09:00 AM to 01:30 PM. 

9. Please apply for RAP/PAP applications only if you have a valid Indian visa. No RAP/PAP applications shall be submitted with visa applications.